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– Video Slideshow with Soundtrack – IDD@UGA 2015 Highlights  by Hua Zheng –

The 2nd annual IDD@UGA conference is exactly one month behind us now. I have been  busy with catching my classes up and various other things, but now we have the evaluation data in hand!

For me, the feeling of energy and enthusiasm among the participants was palpable. We really seemed to be doing something meaningful together. And many sources of verbal and written feedback have been telling us we had an extraordinarily good event this year. Now, we have data as well to back this up. For purposes of this blog post, I’ll just share one number: on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest rating, the mean of means from the evaluation survey is 4.52. As evaluations go, this is an excellent number!

Tom Kuhlmann, Chief Learning Architect for Articulate Global, delivering the Saturday morning keynote at IDD@UGA 2015

Tom Kuhlmann, Chief Learning Architect for Articulate Global, delivering the Saturday morning keynote address at IDD@UGA 2015

We also increased our registration numbers over last year (from 106 to 114). This is more significant than the numbers imply, as several key parameters, including location, were very different this year. Instead of largely repeating what we did the first time around, we were in experimental mode again. We also extended our geographic reach, having Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, and Texas represented.

It was extra special to me to have my academic colleagues from other institutions get involved: a tip of the Clinton hat to Dr. Brad Hokanson of the University of Minnesota and Dr. Michael Grant of the University of South Carolina.

But what is most significant to me, as always, is seeing important connections established, connections that enhance our program and contribute to career development, as outcomes of the conference.

I owe very substantial thanks to all who helped “make it so,” especially event coordinators Melanie Baer & Beth Massey, my colleague and mentor Dr. Lloyd Rieber, graduate student David Squires, and COE Office of Advancement writer and designer Kristen Morales.  These, along with graduate students Yinning Zhang and Hua Zheng, were indispensable.  Also thanks to all our new, continuing, and just-graduated IDD students for diving in and embracing what the conference was all about. And to the IDD@UGA conference committee and IDD faculty for their ideas and assistance (Lloyd Rieber, Mike Orey, Ikseon Choi, TJ Kopcha, Yinning Zhang; Rob Branch, Chanmin Kim, and Janette Hill; Mark Schwartz of Articulate Global and Robb Bingham of Converging Solutions). And once again to our proposers/concurrent session presenters & panelists added rich content that was consistently well-received. And to volunteer session facilitators! And finally, and especially, to Articulate Global for sharing the talents and wisdom of Tom Kuhlmann & Mark Schwartz; the UGA Office of Online Learning for sharing the talents and wisdom of Keith Bailey; and to workshop presenters Rob Branch, Robb Bingham, and Ron Braxley (the “three Rs”).


IMG_8750Dr. Brad Hokanson of the University of Minnesota led a portion of our wrap-up (“warp-up”!) session with a discussion of takeaways. Learning, Design, and Technology doctoral student David Squires took extensive notes, and a brief version of these are given below.

Best to everyone & see you next year!


Featured Speakers
tom-kuhlmann-resized Tom Kuhlmann, Chief Learning Architect, Articulate Global

keithbailey_0001cropped-resizedDr. Keith Bailey, Director, UGA Office of Online Learning

IDD@UGA 2015 Closing Reflection and Wrap-up (“Warp-up!”) Session: 

– Thoughts and major take always?
Respondents (n=17) Short Answer Round (n=3):
1)    Technology and assessments very distinctly included. The Bloom’s taxonomy
 session wasn’t about difficulty but meeting expectations of Bloom’s questions. Asking about perceptions and feelings, applying own beliefs to questions, synthesizing and analyzing.

2)    Whole conference was inspiring seeing the applications in business and one’s own field. Seeing how this is applicable to other classroom environments. Can see the transfer but it was also overwhelming.

3)    This work is fun! Animations, video game and armadillos. Learning can be hard, but we can make it fun.

4)    Blown away by the sessions – zSpace/ Vizitech was amazing – accelerated learning was wonderful. The big picture: this technology can have, and does have, an impact on learning.

5)    Accelerated learning – how to bring learners into trainings – be aware of an emotional level-incorporated scenario. Got participants thinking what they do themselves – instead of nervous or distraught there is an emotional connection. There is no cognition without emotion.

6)    Conference in general – more excited to see the possibilities of what could be – so many pathways – fired up about potential possibilities.

7)    Related to fidelity – there is an intersection/ sweet spot in the middle – depending on the client looking at a spectrum. An instantaneous solution could be a YouTube video or pay for an iPhone experience – diversity of solutions in the world.

8)    ‘Nobody knows nothing’ – may feel inadequate about skills – but we can get what we don’t know from others. So many resources at IDD conference and great place to make connections.

9)    Insight to other technology that we may never been exposed to. Animation/ other solutions not previously considered – opens up new avenues to consider and cost effectiveness.

10)     How interconnected all of us are – business /k12 / other industries – we’re all connected and can be combined.

11)     Opportunity to have conversations in a community of practice – and a will to create a learning environment where people thrive and collaborate with others. Next time make more time for conversation outside the sessions!

12)     Thinks the purpose of eLearning is important and can help frustrated people find solutions – seeing other solutions to measure student learning and think deeper than quick decisions. Take away – Don’t frustrate students.

13)     Enjoyed roundtable – eLearning problems based on your own passion – learned so much in 10 minutes. If you’re passionate, the quality shows when you care. The end users will feel it too.

14)     The presenter Pasha’s videos changed the paradigm. Students’ accessed, material on their own in a self-directed manner. Tech enabled acting in a different role – new ways to deliver content.

15)     Vizitech inspired ideas of context, budget and timeline parameters – building is no longer just content but also context. Complex and difficult, the missing piece is the context of the real world — and context goes beyond content.

16)     The instructional technology field is changing and growing. It won’t go away. There is more out there – the field is relying more on technology and as participants we get to change education.

17)    Take away questions: How I’m going to take the information and inspiration and keep all that info in my day-to-day job? How do I change my job to make it more engaging and keep the ball rolling? We all share that challenge. Each exposure to the content builds more each time we attend IDD.

Short Answer Round: 
What will you tell your significant other about the conference?
1) In the video workshop we made a movie and it involved more research and I learned more than anticipated. I now know how to start a video project now.

2) I made the right choice – moving into this field.

3) It is important to remember why we have the conference. The design studio curriculum is the best thing to have been involved in.
–    It begins when we get two people and have a design conversation.
–    The conference is great to sit and talk with people
–    There is a vision of a face-to-face experience to have a personal meeting.
–    IDD@UGA is about professional development; there is something “pure” about it.
–    Combines the newest learners in the field and very experienced adult professionals.
–    The conference has a mentorship component. The next generation of scholars and designers come from here.
–    Lets come back next year and compare notes!


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